How to Submit Referrals 


If you feel that your child requires an alternate school setting, please contact your CSE (Committee on Special Education) office to discuss a change of placement. All referrals come from the student’s home district CSE or CBST (Central Based Support Team if you live in NYC).


Upon receipt of referral material, we will review & respond with a letter either requesting an intake interview or a letter stating the determination that the students’ needs could not be met. An intake appointment at Karafin is required between the family, student and Site Director, Gerardo Garcia-Braxton. This meeting includes a tour of the school and a sit down to discuss courses, concerns, questions, and placement meeting.  


When schools and parent agree that Karafin would be able to meet the student’s needs, the first placement process will begin. The parent needs to contact their home school representative stating the desire to accept placement at Karafin. Next documents, including the acceptance letter, will be sent by Karafin to the home district/CBST to begin the process of enrollment. The CSE will convene to finalize the student’s IEP and set up transportation and initiate attendance.


Please send referrals to [email protected].