About the Karafin School

At Karafin, our mission is to help every student achieve their maximum potential.


The Karafin School was founded in 1958 to serve students with special needs.  In its early years, it expanded rapidly and became well known for its emphasis on an individualized approach and its concern for each student’s specific needs.   


Throughout the sixty-five years of its existence, the Karafin School has changed to adapt to technological developments and changing educational standards.  It has maintained a high graduation rate, with most of its students going on to two and four year colleges.

Today the Karafin School continues to serve students who have not experienced success in public schools.  The high standards which have distinguished the school from its earliest days are now maintained by an experienced and dedicated staff. 



The philosophy of the Karafin School is loosely based on a theory developed by Dr. William Glasser.  This philosophy stresses the importance of individual choice and individual responsibility.  In practical terms, this means that counselors and teachers will work together to understand a student’s behavior and to help that student choose actions in the classroom and in the overall school environment which will lead to academic and social success. 


About the Director

Gerardo Pelayo Garcia-Braxton graduated with a Bachelors in Economics and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Williams College in 2016. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Garcia-Braxton taught mathematics in Rhode Island as a member of Teach for America’s 2016 cohort. Later, Garcia-Braxton would go on to receive a Masters degree in Urban Education Policy from Brown University in 2019.
To reach him please call, 914-666-9211, or email, [email protected].