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The Karafin School is a privately owned high school with a 6:1+1 classroom ratio that is approved by the New York State education department. The Karafin School has been dedicated to serving students in NY & CT with special needs for over 60 years. Addressing the unique needs of each individual student.

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180 school days per year for a day student and a 30 day summer program as stated on the student’s IEP


Autism, Emotional Disability, Learning Disability, and Other Health Impaired.


6:1+1 classroom ratio. Maximum of 6 students in a classroom with a teacher & teacher’s aide


We offer local, Regents, Regents with honors, advanced and advanced with honors diplomas.

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Students are trusted to Advocate for Themselves.

The philosophy of the Karafin School is loosely based on a theory developed by Dr. William Glasser. This philosophy stresses the importance of individual choice and individual responsibility.

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AP tests and Regents assessments on site with their IEP accommodations

Regents Diploma

All our students are working towards earning a Regents Diploma for graduation


84 Full Time Students

Summer Program Option

Supports students academically, socially, and emotionally

Student Testimonials

What People Say About Us

“Karafin is somewhere I honestly enjoy going, which is a blessing I never thought I’d get from a school.”
Lina C.
“Karafin is not predictable. You can walk into the school and think it well be a bad day, but you will be proven wrong. Karafin is a crazy, happy, fun place that you can call a home. It is full of different kinds of people, people you can call family.”
Alexandra M.
“Karafin is a unique and eclectic environment. The creative personalities of its students definitely contribute to the atmosphere Karafin exudes. Many stories have been told about Karafin, but they are hard to believe unless you have experienced.”
Shannon S.

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