Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: My son is the quarterback of the football team for his home school. Will he be able to leave early to make practice?
Answer: Each district works differently but Karafin will make every attempt to accommodate a schedule change for as long as an external activity is running. In most cases students can partake in activities at their home school.


Question: My son is in the 9th grade and is currently working on studying for the Trigonometry Regents can he be placed in a trig. class?

Answer: Simply, yes especially with math each student works at their individual level.


Question: What happens at graduation?

Answer: While enrolled at Karafin each student is a Karafin student, but also remains a student in their home district. The home school is responsible for official transcripts.


Question: My son is interested in enrolling in a Tech program such as BOCES. Can he spend half day in a tech program and half working on required courses?

Answer: Yes students who are from districts which are part of BOCES are eligible to do a half day program.


Question: What happens if my home district is closed or delayed due to snow, etc and Karafin is open?

Answer: If parents can provide transportation the student is more than welcome to attend. Otherwise the student can stay at home. Typically, Karafin will attempt to follow the decisions of similarly located districts when determining closures, however.